About Us
Company Profile
SMIC Cardiac Care is a pioneering force behind the concept of Franchised EECP clinics across India. In association with ‘PSK Health Sci Tech Co. Ltd.’- the world renowned EECP infrastructure & research group, SMIC is the first heart care enterprise in India to venture into standardized, US FDA approved EECP services to offer premium non-invasive cardiac care to the patients from all regions and backgrounds. Unmatched expertise, uniform excellent service, extraordinary care, state-of-the-art technology and utmost dedication have enabled us to be the leading non-invasive cardiac care specialist in health care sector.

The steady growth and strength of the company is largely credited to the invaluable dedication of SMIC teams and extensive R&D initiatives. Our uncompromising stand on quality and premium health care measures are supported by the large team of cardiac care experts and other medical specialists who are renowned in their own field of expertise. With the philosophy of care, dedication and excellence at heart, we see to it that the very best quality non-invasive cardiac care is delivered to the patient.
Vision & Mission
Our Vision
To be a global leader in providing the best non-invasive heart care and set an example of excellence in the health care sector.

Our Values
TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY, TRUST & TRAINING are the cornerstones of our company philosophy.

Our Mission
  • To enable uniform excellence in all SMIC clinics and establish a steady platform of quality heart care resources.
  • To offer cost-effective heart care to the patients from all backgrounds.
  • To increase heart care awareness and encourage sustainable heart care practices.
  • To encourage and employ the best heart care experts in non-invasive cardiac care.